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Increasing profitability by engaging the hearts, minds,
and hands of talent in your organization.


Corporate Culture

Aligning purpose, vision, and mission among leaders and employees to create cohesion, confidence, and pride.

Enhanced Decision Making

Providing decision making principles that include qualitative and quantitative analysis for enhanced returns.

Employee Engagement

Fostering an engaging environment in which team members have high levels of satisfaction, responsibility, and trust among each other.

Community Enrichment

Inspiring connection and promoting action to make a positive impact on local communities and causes.

What we do


Connect as individuals and collaborative groups to identify aligned passions for change in your
local community.


Analyze organizations for maximum sustainability and impact using proven principles that transfer to everyday decisions.


Invest in organizations that align with your team’s purpose, vision, and mission, and that provide the maximum impact on investment.


“When I first heard of this off the wall idea I thought, this can’t be real, but I’m here to tell you that it is! I never thought I would get this much out of this experience, not because I had low expectations, but because it has blown my mind away!”-
“Being able to identify something that you’re passionate about, whether helping autistic children or becoming the head chef of a restaurant, is the best way to complete your life and find the core to happiness; because happiness is the answer to life.”-
“I never knew giving away money could be this hard, this much fun, and such a great learning tool. I can’t thank you enough for providing us with this experience.”-


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East Coast
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